An electronic macrame tapestry created around the concept of camouflage. Camouflage is a strategy. An attack or a defence created by a relation to your surroundings, conscious or unconscious strategies to reach certain goals. You don’t need to be a chameleon to practise camouflage, a carnivore flower hides its intentions using strong colour and irresistible smell. The goal is to kill, by showing off.

Without a strategy its impossible to blend into your environment. Both visually and conceptually. Can a strategy be hidden into an object? With a build in mechanical strategy, the object is controlling the situation in the space. The visitors is a part of the process by acting due to their expectations based on the appearance and the context.


Shown at “Camuflage”, groupexhibition at FFAR, Stockholm, 2014


23sek av konst003 (strategi) from [krig] on Vimeo.