AKB’s debut album Marianergraven has been celebrated since its release earlier this year. The album has attracted far and wide attention, not least in European press and radio. Now it’s time to dive even deeper into the grave and let the sound waves get minimized, maximized and mixed up with beats!
Through six remixes from international well known Johanna Knutsson to local dubtechno via [krig]

Go enjoy yet another moment below the surface!
1 – Skymningszonen (Johanna Knutssons Gryningenversion)
2 – Sedimentär (Singular Remix)
3 – Tropikerna (Kajsa Lindgren Remix)
4 – Sedimentär (Radioland Remix)
5 – Svallvågen (Oestergaards Remix)
6 – Öbågen ([krig] MB[k] cavedrummix)