“Tygla vårt sätt att andas” (Control our way of breathing) is an audio-textile installation that examines relations and feelings connected to textile traditions and social order. It is also the starting point for a performative and collective process that will be created through events and performances related to the artwork.

[krig] is inspired by traditions of textile craft, but breaks it up, destroys the pattern and rebuilds the structure in a messy, creative and spontaneous way. The artwork is constructed in macrame, with hand crafted and hand dyed threads put together as a textile structure. Like a web, but in disarray, the structure records any movement inflicted to the fragile balance in the artwork. Each macrame thread is made in a slow process where the textile is hand-dyed and sharpened into thicker yarns by traditional weaving tools. A reuse of old methods combines with new inventions.

A piece of music is played from the textile structure. Like an inner dance floor. A common place. Fragments of the poet Per Gunnar Evander’s poem “The man’s joy” has been sampled into the music. The poem is about anxiety, guilt and loneliness, asking questions about human value. The poem is written for the Swedish Social Democrats’ 100th anniversary in 1989. A small video is projected in the middle of the structure. It tells a story about construction, repetition and rhythm. The making. The hands. Like an instruction to the artwork. At the same time, a buzzing tone surrounds the work. It is created by a technique failure and becomes stronger the more movement there is in the construction, the more one interacts with the work. In the end everything is woven together in a story about society, our history and our future.