Speldosan is the starting point for an exploration of connecting craft and music with time, performance and activity. It is an interactive sculpture, and a time-based activity that will only unfold and exist when exhibited and activated in different ways.

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By using Speldosan as a space and a scene for experiments we want to encourage experimentation and rearrangements in the relationship between performers and audience, the DJ, the dance floor and the handicraft. [krig] hope for new ways of behaviour to be invented through, around and within our bodies. When active the object itself are connected to a mixer and a computer. By dressing contact microphones in yarn and threads the structure turns into a instrument that can be played by touch and vibrations generated by performing textile techniques, dancing or just simple contact with your hands. The result is music created of a collective mind, irregular and dependent on the space and the interaction between visitors and participators.


Shown at Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Österängens Konsthall and BangenJazzfestival,2017

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