Exhibition at Konstkraft Ljusne!

Exhibition: “Kartritare” at Gävle Konstcentrum

[krig] shows the first part of their artwork “Process- 001 – (textila förbredelser)” – an investigation into textile techniques and prepping culture, as part of the exhibition “Kartritare” at Gävle Konstcentrum 2021.

Exhibition: Konst åt Alla

[krig] are represented at the digital exhibition “Konst åt alla” by Folkets Hus & Parker, Bygdegårdarnas riksförbund and Våra Gårdar. See more of the exhibition here: [krig] – Konst 008 (Slaggsten och Trasor) [krig] – Konst 008 (Ville samsas… Continue Reading →

[krig] on Lamour Podcast!

[krig] was invited to Lamour Podcast episode 115! The podcast is in swedish and avalivable at Spotify, Soundcloud, tiny and Podcaster. (see below) Skog eller stad, eller både och? Välkommen till eppe 115 där vi gästas av Sandvikenbaserade konstduon [krig]… Continue Reading →

[krig]-Remix of ABKs Marianergraven

AKB’s debut album Marianergraven has been celebrated since its release earlier this year. The album has attracted far and wide attention, not least in European press and radio. Now it’s time to dive even deeper into the grave and let the sound waves get… Continue Reading →

Slagordsgeneratorn in Provins

The project “[krig]s Konstnärspolitiska Slagordsgenerator” has been reworked to analyze the current pandemic of Corvid 19, in an artistic view. This time the generator was filled with articles published in Swedish newspapers in mars 2020, discussing the situation of artists… Continue Reading →

Mackapär of imaginary spaces at Kulturcentrum!

During spring 2020 [krig] was invited to Kulturcentrum for a performance. The performance was filmed and published at Arbetarbladet.

Exhibition at Not Quite!

Exhibition at Österängens Konsthall!

Geneva underground mix tapes

The soundtrack to Mackapär for imaginary spaces – put together as a mixtape. The music was produces during our stay at Optic residency at Picto Association, Geneva, 2019.

A [meta] city tour of Sandviken

The [meta] City tour of Sandviken was made during a for day performance program at Topic in Geneva 2019. The performance is creating a collective imagination and tries to establish a bodily experience and a philosophical connection between two places…. Continue Reading →

The Mackapär for Imaginary Spaces

The Mackapär for Imaginary Spaces are a textile and musical structure intended as a starting point of a four day performance program at Topic, Geneva, 2019. The opening ceremony was made as a performance/concert, a social moment/ritual that created a… Continue Reading →

Mackapär for Imaginary Spaces – in Geneva!

Four day performance/concert/process at Topic and Le Labo, Geneva. 5/9 kl. 19.30 – Opening with performance by [krig] Performance at 20.00 6/9 kl. 19.30 – Presentation of [krig] and Gallery Lars Palm in the Topic space. 7/9 kl 19.30– “A… Continue Reading →

[krig] – Ofullkomligheten

Our second full length album by [krig] and Alpha Mound. Recorded over a two year period in cabins in Hälsingland and Dalarna, through seasons of throbbing heat, lightning, rain, dense humidity and intrusive cold. Download at Listen at Soundcloud… Continue Reading →

Exhibition at Jädraås Folkets Hus

As a part of the organisation and development of a new project with Konstfrämjandet, [krig] and Peter Oijens organized an artistic residence in Jädraås, 4-10 July 2019. The exhibition at Folkets Hus shows ideas, sketches and artworks inspired by the… Continue Reading →

Sorgevisa från Lumsheden

During a residence in Lumsheden and Sundborn in Dalarna [krig] initiated an artistic process connected to the village Lumsheden. The performance explores imagery and identities connected to the region Dalarna by digging into Lumshedens history, a village located at the… Continue Reading →

Slaggsten och Trasor

“Slaggsten and Trasor” is a performance created in relation to three texts written and read by three women from Sandviken at different ages. The texts are about emotions and experiences from growing up, living and feeling in relation to living… Continue Reading →

Exhibition in Sundborn

Andas EP

Remixes from upcoming album “ofullkomligheten” By [krig].Remixes by 272, Alpha Mound and M.B.K. Download Andas Ep from or listen at soundcloud or spotify.

Konst-008 (tygla vårt sätt att andas)

“Tygla vårt sätt att andas” (Control our way of breathing) is an audio-textile installation that examines relations and feelings connected to textile traditions and social order. It is also the starting point for a performative and collective process that will… Continue Reading →

Konst-002 at Göteborgsoperan

[krig] shows a deconstructed version of Konst-002 at Göteborgsoperans sustainability-festival, in collaboration with Chalmers University. September 2018.

Exhibition at A.P.T. London

Konst-003 (strategi) shown at Bangen Jazzfestival

Konst – 003 (strategi) was shown at Bangen Jazzfestival 2018.  

Performance/lecture-walk based on David Kommer till Stan

Performance/lecture walk about the project “David Kommer till Stan!”. A walk through Sandviken based on Davids trip to Sandviken 2014. The perfromance/lecture was a part of “Forum för communityart och fredspedagogik” arranged by FoajeX and ABF, April 2018

Om en kommunal korridor (funk 005-006-007)

A installation in three parts situated in a municipal corridor at Sandviken Culture Centre. Between the three artworks in the corridor there is a possible creative communication created by sound. Making textiles often brings unwritten rules about “right and wrong”…. Continue Reading →

Presentation of Kom Till Byn

konst – 002 (speldosa – dub)

Speldosan is the starting point for an exploration of connecting craft and music with time, performance and activity. It is an interactive sculpture, and a time-based activity that will only unfold and exist when exhibited and activated in different ways…. Continue Reading →

[krig] – The Future Sound of Sandviken LP

Kom Till Byn buss tour in Österfärnebo and Gysinge

An meta trip by buss featuring the artwork “Kom Till Byn!”. The trip went through the villages Österfärnebo and Gysinge in southern Gästrikland. During the trip, conversations and storys from the area were played in the speaker system. The conversations… Continue Reading →

Fiber – 002 (del 1 & 2)

The two installations tell about the cultivation of flax and the production of a useful fiber. Shown on Art Center in Gävle, 2016. One was placed inside the art gallery and one outside of Silvanum’s entrance. The two installations tell… Continue Reading →

Exhibition at Österängens Konsthall

[krig] – The kid from the fucking future – STALVERK#1011

Two new songs from Lo and [krig] picks up from where STALVERK#1010 ended. Fluid rhythm patterns, a dark tone and otherworldly edge. The second installment of Stalverk’s 1000-series of 12″es is finally out! The cover is hand crafted, and the… Continue Reading →

Kom till byn!

The art project “Kom till byn” was carried out in three municipalities in Gävleborg in 2016. (Hofors, Ovanåker and Österfärnebo / Gysinge). The aim was to research dreams, expectations and local relations to the “centre – peripheral” discourse at these… Continue Reading →

Live @ Fylkingen

Fiber – 001 (gästrikelin)

An artistic investigation of the process behind local flax production.The project aimed to create a bodily knowledge of the process and a understanding of both textile, cultivation and the history of flax. Flax is both celebrated and romanticised but also… Continue Reading →

[krig] – 07.04.918 – STALVERK1010

The first release in a new series, STALVERK1010 features one track each by Lo and [krig]. It is an artistic statement, made to present a new universe of sounds, rooms, beings and ideas. Side A focuses on a dense melancholic… Continue Reading →

Institutet för Samtida Klotter

The Initiative “Klotterinstitutet” (The Institute for Contemporary Scribbles in Gävleborg) studies, educates and researches the phenomenon of “klotter” (translated illegal graffiti/scribbles) in all its forms. A as art, as an action, as part of public space and as culture today…. Continue Reading →

Live @ Local Heroes

[krigs] Slumpmässiga Slagordsgenerator

Performance/event at KLYS’s Conference at Gävle Consert Hall. The performance generated badges with randomly composed slogans about terms and conditions for artists and their production. All perticipants at the conference were invited to make their own badge. The ministre of… Continue Reading →

Lo & [krig] – Final Conclusion: Lost Levels

A Conclusion, in logic, is a proposition concluded or inferred from the premises of an argument. If A and B have certain properties, C logically follows. If Socrates is a human and all humans are mortal, Socrates is mortal. A… Continue Reading →

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